Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Raising money through fundraisers and other events is a fantastic way for a fraternity to give back to the community. But nothing quit has the same effect as rolling up you sleeves and getting dirty in a service project. It's the personal connections that make community service special, both for the servers and the servees.

Throughout our time on campus, we've made great connections with different organizations and events including the Walk to Defeat ALS, the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, Red Cross Blood Drives, and community cleanup efforts. If you feel that your organization can benefit from our help, please reach out through the "CONTACT" page.

Walk to Defeat ALS

Each year, the Walk to Defeat ALS brings communities together in the fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Though we walk for various reasons, we are united in our quest to find a cure for ALS.

Massachusetts Epsilon has raised money for and participated in the Boston Walk to Defeat ALS event every year since our inception. Despite whatever weather Mother Nature throws at us, brothers join together for a 3 mile walk around Castle Island in Pleasure Bay, South Boston. Through the November wind and crisp temperatures, our brothers will pull on their Phi Delta Theta sweatshirts and head out to the shore of the Boston Harbor to 'walk because we can.'

 It's as much a brotherhood event as it is a philanthropic endeavor. As we walk along the shore, our talk is filled with laughter, anecdotes and advice, which only strengthen the fraternal bonds between us.

Celtics and Bruins 50/50 Raffles

The 50/50 Raffle launched in March 2012 and has raised over $400,000 to benefit the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation/Boston Bruins Foundation and community partners. Not only is the program an engaging fundraising platform that helps BCSF increase our impact in the community, but it also serves as a fun volunteer initiative for fans, partners, and local organizations.

During most home games for the Bruins and Celtics, you can find Phi Delts patrolling the concourse of TD Garden, selling tickets for the halftime drawing. 50% of proceeds go to a local charity, while the other 50% of proceeds go to a lucky winner. 

American Red Cross Blood Drives


The need for blood donations is constant and consistent. That's why Mass Epsilon has made it a priority to help out with any and all blood drives on the Northeastern campus. Ran through the American Red Cross, these events feature brothers helping with sign ups, prepping and moving materials, and supporting donors in whatever they might need throughout the donation process.

Fort Hill Community Cleanup

This the real, roll-up-your-sleeves and get-your-hands-dirty type of community service that Mass Epsilon is most proud of. Primarily, Phi Delts will traverse up to the summit of Fort Hill to help senior residents clean up and maintain their commune property. Whether they're digging holes, weeding garden beds, or lugging wheelbarrows of mulch, you're sure to find a group of Phis with smiles on their face during spring and fall cleanup times.

As equally rewarding as the physical labor is the connections formed with the residents of the commune. After a long day of work, Phis typically enjoy a home made lunch with the residents, allowing the chance for conversation and immersion.